Our Initiatives

Improvement in overall quality of life has been the vision and core value of QSNL.We have been working continuously for improvement of economic, social, health and educational standards of not only our employees but also local communities.

QSNL focusses on health and hygiene and safety of its people both inside the plant as well as outside the plant by providing adequate sanitation, good quality water, fumigation, safe disposal of industrial waste, fire and safety equipment, environment control measures including regular testing of air and water quality.

The company does not discriminate between genders and provide adequate employment to female workers at each level. In accordance with UNICEF standards, child labour is strictly prohibited within the company as well as by its business associates.

Initiatives taken by QSNL

  • Having a fully equipped clinic with a full time qualified doctor, nurses, regular medicines and equipment.
  • Tied up with local hospitals for any kind of medical emergencies of employees and ensuring that they receive the best possible treatment in Nigeria for full recovery and recuperation.
  • Having a fully equipped ambulance with round the clock driver to take the patient to the hospital within the shortest possible time.
  • Priority in employing the people from local communities.
  • Company has also provided to local communities the support in building of roads, electric poles, lights and security petrol by armed security personnel.
  • Provided bore well and supported in building of some food stalls to the local communities.
  • Provision of safety equipment including uniforms, safety shoes, helmets, nose masks etc.
  • Provision of all kinds of fire safety devices and emergency evacuation plans.
  • Regular camps for eye testing, provision of eye glasses etc.
  • Regular plantation of trees as a measure to protect the greenery and environment.
  • Support for local festivals and celebrations for overall welfare of the communities.

Clinic Under QSNL Initiatives

Construction of Borehole for the Community

Electricity Installation with Transformer for the Community

Food packet distribution in community during COVID-19